Sidelong Electrical Water Heaters

Among Shide's home appliance products, Sidelong electrical water heaters are the most important component. China has a great need for high quality, reliable water heaters both in homes and on the commercial market. Shide Group started its heater production by combining U. S. technology with strict quality control and efficient management. Sidelong Electrical International (China) Co. Ltd has taken the market by storm. After more than three years of effort, Sidelong water heater has earned high name-recognition and enjoys a superlative reputation with its excellent quality and customer service. Currently, Sidelong has set up a fully automatic production line with an annual output of 1,000,000 units.

Product Introduction

In China, Sidelong water heater has been the symbol of high quality and reliability. Sidelong electrical water heaters are safe, energy saving, convenient and long lasting. Different kinds of products in its household series and commercial series can supply a large amount of water in a multipoint manner, meeting various household and commercial requirements at the same time.

Sidelong has 26 branch companies covering all areas of China. Post sale service for Sidelong electrical water heaters is provided by more than 900 service stations. They assure customers the best service and professionalism during installation, application, and maintenance of electrical water heaters.