Solemn Declaration
By > April 21, 2012


Shide has the following serious statements on the fraudulent mass media reports:

Recently, some untrue mass media reports on Shide have made great negative impacts on the sales performance of Shide. Especially, the reports on Shide being bankrupted have created a lot of social misconceptions and losses. Particularly, one media released the so-called Shide' s confidential information which threatened the social safety and harmony as well as Shide' s basic rights and benefits. So, we have the following clear messages:  

1) With the strong support of the government and the related official authorities, the responsible and hardworking Shide staff have been successfully trying to do every possible means to maintain the normal operations so as to safeguard the benefits of our trading partners. And Shide has been whole-heartedly developing many projects and still getting a close cooperation with her trading partners and the mass media.  

2) With the strong support of the central government, Shide has gained tremendous growth just over a short period of 20 years. And the related official authorities have given many assurances to safeguard the stability of Shide. And as a responsible company, Shide firmly keeps on developing her social projects. And with the care and support of the government and the community, Shide will easily tackle all the problems, keep the operations in a normal state, and get more growth.  

3) The mass media should report on the true issues which are beneficial to the stability of the society. The fraudulent reports are not responsible and not in line with the government policy of not making rumours. For the bad and irresponsible reports, Shide is going to put the matter to the legal proceedings so as to safeguard the legal rights and social justice, e.g, a legal letter has been sent to one mass media firm. We should uphold the fundamental principle of not making rumours and fabricating news so as not to create great damage and losses to the stability and harmony of our beloved society.     

Shide Corporation

21st April, 2012