Mission Statement
To Improve the Living Environment of Humankind and to Enhance the Quality of life for all Humankind

Dalian Shide Group Co. Ltd. is a privately-owned company with diversified products and services. It was founded in 1992 with its headquarters in Dalian, China. Since its inception, Shide Group has emphasized the importance of technology, marketing, information and community. Due purely to hard work, efficient management, community support and international cooperation over almost a decade, Shide Group has quickly become one of the most well known companies both in China and the world.

Shide Group originally started as Dalian Shide Machinery Construction Corporation Ltd in 1992. Currently, Shide Group is gaining renown primarily because of its high quality chemical building materials and its expertise in the petrochemical industry; home electrical appliances manufacturing; sports; health care and insurance.

With more than over 60 subsidiaries, Dalian Shide Plastics Industry Co. Ltd. is the flagship of Shide Group. It has become the No.1 producer of chemical building materials with an increasing annual capacity for plastic profiles used for both doors and windows. The past five years have seen an output of 12,000 tons in 1997, 40,000 tons in 1998, 120,000 tons in 1999, 160,000 tons in 2000, and 360,000 in 2001. It is expected that the yearly output will reach 500,000 tons in 2002.

Spread over 1,300,000 square meters, Dalian Shide Chemical Industry Area has become the largest production center for PVC sectional materials meeting advanced international standards. Dalian Shide Chemical Industry Area includes the manufacturing, processing and selling of PVC profile; windows & doors; PVC pipes; pipefitting; sheet materials; and their accessories.

Having gained tremendous success in the development of chemical building materials, Shide Group has begun diversifying its products and services to include petrochemical industry; home appliances; sports; insurance; healthcare. Those expansions have become increasingly important parts of the present and future of Shide. All of these products and services represent the foundation for the further growth of Shide which will include three primary Industries (chemical building materials, petrochemicals and home appliances) and four supplementary industries (sports, insurance and healthcare).

To meet the challenge of the information era and to optimize operational systems, Shide has implemented a sophisticated info-management network to integrate its eight operational systems: a Human Resources System, a Financial System, a Information Management System, a Quality Control System, an Operation & Coordination System, an R&D System and a Logistics System. It has also just adopted ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management to further enhance its management systems.

Shide is proud of its dedicated employees, efficient management systems, cutting-edge technology, superior quality and services, innovative R&D, and constructive community involvement.