Marketing & Sales

Shide has successfully and profitably established its comprehensive marketing and sales network covering all regions of China. Shide's Excellent Customer Care System has backed all of these networks. The talented and dedicated sales and marketing personnel are hard working and goal-oriented.

Because the PVC doors and windows are new building materials in China, Shide has made tremendous efforts in educating customers and cultivating the potential market. For its chemical building materials, Shide is proud of its comprehensive marketing and sales network and eight regional sales centers which cover all areas of China.

Also, Sidelong has its own national sales and marketing channel to all local markets in China. Twenty-six major branches cover all areas of China while more than 900 service stations provide our customers with installation, application, and maintenance of electrical water heaters. Sidelong promises its customers prompt action, excellent service, and remarkable skill.

The marketing and sales networks mentioned above will facilitate the distribution of any additional products and services Shide is exploring right now or will be in the future.