Research & Development

Shide has been proud of its Research & Development System, which has consistently provided Shide competitive, cutting edge products. Shide has adequately funded R & D in all of the products it produces and sells. In addition to its leading Chemical Building Material research, Shide has quickly set up very solid R & D teams for PVCs, Home Appliances and Heaters.

All Shide's R & D projects are product and market oriented. For example, in terms of R & D in Chemical Building Products, Shide experts primarily work on products, raw materials, and modules. This practical approach has been fruitful and profitable.

Shide Plastic Profile Tooling Center is the biggest profile tooling research base in Asia and the research team consistes of both Chinese and international experts who are leaders in their respective fields.

The Shide Research Institute of Chemical Building Materials was founded early in the year 2000, but it has grown rapidly. Now it provides tests for our raw materials, technical studies, properties of products, and the various properties of chemical building materials. It is also adequately equipped with advanced devices like: rheometers, small-sized extruders, infrared spectrums, GPCs, artificial weathering accelerating experimental devices, heat preservation devices for doors and windows, sealing performance testing device, pipe pressure endurance experiment boxes, and so on. Currently there are 40 top researchers and engineering staff. Under its R & D systems, Shide also has its own work center for post-doctorate studies, which has attracted talented young researchers domestically and internationally in the field of Chemical Building Materials. Today, the Shide Research Institute of Chemical Building Materials is conducting the following projects that will further solidify Shide's leading position in Chemical Building Materials:

Research and development of new PVC chemical building materials.
Production of New types of plastic profiles, doors, and windows.
Improvement of the formulation for chemical building materials.
Development and upgrading of assembling designing software for doors & windows.
Research and perfection of processing technology for chemical building materials
Research and development of a formulation for an all-color profile and a double color co-extrusion profile.
Research of weatherproof properties for chemical building materials and the improvement of the properties
Research on the inflammability of PVC products and the development of a smokeless & flameless PVC formulation.