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In China, the sport industry has become an ever-increasing prospect for with enormous number of fans and a very bright future. Among the many kinds of sports programs, football has been the number one choice for sports fans in China. Shide Group realized this potential business opportunity and social responsibility, and in February 1999, took a significant step by acquiring a 30% of newly establishing Dalian Wanda ¡VShide Football Club Ltd. In January 2000 gained full ownership of Dalian Wanda ¡VShide Football Club Ltd and renamed it Dalian Shide Football Club.

The City 0f Dalian has been a hotbed for China's football development. Dalian Shide Football Club has been the best recognized football club in China as it is known to have the most talented players, the most efficient management and the most sophisticated facilities in the country. Since taking over the Club, Shide Group has made great efforts to restructure the Club by creating a remarkable combination of business, enterprise and culture. Dalian Shide Football has become an exemplary model of a modern sports clubs while attracting widespread attention in households around the country. In addition, the Club is fully utilizing the popularity of its football team, and adapting a very effective marketing strategy to create innovative entertainment projects and popular line for merchandise.

For Shide Group, this Club plays will continue to play a leading role in the sports industry. Dalian Shide Football Team has been champion of the Division AA in the Chinese Football Association six times during the eight-year history of China's professional football development. For example, five players from Shide were selected as the members of the Dragon Team 2001, the highest honors for the professional football players. Also, this club has enjoyed a very high international reputation and has been one of the best clubs in Asia.

The Club's members have become the spokespersons for Shide Group and its products and services both domestically and internationally. According to its strategic plan in the next five to nine years, the Club will reach the following goals:

Establish a fully functional Shide sport-culture enterprise system and elevate the Club and its sport-related business to a first rate international level in terms of the management and operations.
Make the club one of the top teams in the world in terms of competitiveness and professionalism.
Make the club one of the best sources of football talents for China and the rest of the world.


Contact Information:
38 Gao Er Ji Rd.
XiGang District
Dalian, Liaoning
P.R. China, 116011
Training Center General Number: 86-411-87523118 Office:86-411-87522274 Fax:86-411-87523678
General Manager: 86-411-83673338
Dept. of Competition & Training: 86-411-83675558 ; 86-411-83622218 ext. 5080
Dept. of Finance: 86-411-83672773 ; 86-411-83622218 ext. 5060
Dept. of Marketing: 86-411-83675031 ; 86-411-83622218 ext. 5198
Office: 86-411-83638308 ; 86-411-83622218 ext. 5051
Fan Club: 86-411-83622218 ext. 5120
Club Fax: 86-411-83673399